Sr. Anne Honig Service Award

With the help of the Sisters of St. Louis, a service award was established to commemorate the life, passion, dedication, and dreams of former Newman Theological College student, Sr. Anne Honig. Sr. Anne believed in student leadership and encouraged active service to community life. This award is presented each year to a Newman Theological College student who exemplifies these qualities.

Past recipients of the Sr. Anne Honig Service award:

2020/2021 Christopher Pugh
2019/2020 Jonathan Quist
2018/2019 Kaitlyn Baier
2017/2018 Darryl Tymchuk
2016/2017 Br. Michael Perras
2015/2016 John Vizza
2014/2015 Roger-Karol Niedzieslski
2013/2014 Cody Redekop
2012/2013 Aaron Parsall - Myler
2011/2012 Angela Veters
2010/2011 Mark Guevarra
2009/2010 Brittney White
2008/2009 Dean Dowle
2007/2008 Michael Ngo
2006/2007 James deBeer
2005/2006 Marian Huber
2004/2005 Irene Wilson
2003/2004 Gwen Keyes
2002/2003 William Hann
2001/2002 Claire Rolheiser
2000/2001 Jim Corrigan
1999/2000 Carol Seed
1998/1999 Christina Rodgers/Kevin Smith
1997/1998 Joanne Laure
1996/1997 Doreen Bloos