Enrollment Services

General Registration Information

Students are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of their registration.

A deposit amount totaling 10% of tuition fees for any given semester or session is required at the time of registration. A student is not registered for a course until this payment is received.

Registration for a course does not guarantee participation in the course. Certain courses have prerequisites or assume a prior educational experience in the subject matter. NTC reserves the right to withdraw a course offering due to insufficient enrollment.

Particular care should be exercised with regard to choosing core (required) courses for programs. Faculty Advisors are available to all students to help in this regard. Students must consult with their Faculty Advisor on a regular basis while they are  involved in a program and should have their proposed registrations approved by their Faculty Advisor before submitting their registration form.  All students are permitted to audit on campus courses.

Students must maintain continuous registration and pay the appropriate fees until all degree requirements have been completed. A student who fails to re-register by the deadline indicated in the Academic Schedule will be withdrawn from the program for failure to register. Information about annual active status, continuing status and readmission can be found in our Academic Calendar.

Students in course-based programs must take a minimum of one course per registration year. If a student in a course-based program does not take a minimum of one course during a registration year and does not pay the annual active or continuing fee, the student will be required to withdraw from the program.\

Note: EXCEL Programs: Final add/drop deadline after the first two sessions of the course (EXCEL) after which time there is no tuition refund and a ‘withdraw’ will be noted on transcripts. The last day to withdraw from a course in either program is the final day of class for the course in question.  CSS has it's own refund policy please go to the CCS Payment Policy page

How to Drop a Course

Students are able to drop their courses up until the last day for ON CAMPUS and ON-LINE program changes, course additions, and course deletions which is two weeks after the start of the fall and winter semesters as published in the academic schedule. Students can drop courses by completing, signing and submitting a Course Add/Drop/Withdraw Notice Form.
If you are unable to drop a course(s) in person, contact the Office of the Registrar at (780) 392-2451 or email

Notifying your instructor, ceasing to attend classes, or stopping payment on a cheque will NOT be accepted as a course drop.

After the Add / Drop Deadline - How to Withdraw from a Course

If you wish to drop a course after the last day to add/drop a course as published in the academic schedule, you must visit your Faculty Advisor and the Office of the Registrar.

  • Complete a Course Add/Drop/Withdraw Notice Form indicating the course(s) you no longer wish to be registered in.
  • Obtain a signature from your Faculty Advisor.
  • Submit the completed form to the Office of the Registrar.

Note: Any changes may alter your current fee assessment. After the "Add/Drop Deadline" each semester, if you drop a course you will receive a grade of "W" for “withdrawal” on your transcript.

Auditing a Course

Auditors are students who are registered to attend lectures in a course on the understanding that they may not undertake assignments or sit for examinations, except at the invitation of the instructor. Auditing is a privilege and the tuition is usually half the price of tuition for a course taken for credit. New students should apply for Open Studies on their Application Form and select Auditor as their enrollment status & program of study.

An audited course may not be credited toward the requirements for any certificate, diploma, or degree at NTC.

Students are not permitted to change status from credit to audit, or audit to credit, after the last day to add/drop courses in any semester as per the academic schedule.

Withdrawing from NTC

If you find it necessary to withdraw from your program, you may do so at any time. We would encourage you to consult first with your faculty advisor or your program head.

To withdraw, complete a Program Withdrawal Form, and then submit the form to the Office of the Registrar. Withdrawals must be done in writing.

It is very important that you advise the Office of the Registrar of any changes in your registration. You will not be considered to have formally withdrawn unless you follow the correct procedures. The amount of money owing on your account is dependent upon your drop date and applicable refund policies.

To avoid losing your refund and receiving failing grades, be sure to notify the Office of the Registrar in writing of any changes to your registration.

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