Bachelor of Theology Program (B.Th.)

The Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) is an undergraduate degree in theology. It is intended to give students a basic understanding of theology and religious sciences and provide a foundation for pastoral leadership. The program is ideal for students preparing to work in pastoral ministry, sacramental preparation, catechesis, social justice work, youth work and health care ministry, although some of these areas will need further formal training.

The Bachelor of Theology degree is not intended to be an undergraduate Arts degree with a major in theology. It is a specialized degree in theology and religious sciences.

There are two routes for this program namely a seminary route and a lay route. The requirements for seminarians includes additional formational and ordination requirements.

B.Th. Seminary Route

Before the seminarian enters formal academic studies at NTC, he must – as part of his ordination requirements – begin with a propaedeutic or preparatory year at St. Joseph Seminary. During this period, the seminarian resides full-time at the seminary and follows a program of non-academic classes in the seminary, spiritual exercises, human formation sessions, and a regular volunteer pastoral placement in the community. The propaedeutic year is intended to build the foundation for philosophical and theological studies and to help with integration and discernment. When the seminarian has completed the required philosophical studies after the propaedeutic year, he will commence the Bachelor of Theology at NTC.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for the Bachelor of Theology degree must have an Alberta High School Diploma (with English 30) or its equivalent. Applicants, 30 years of age or older, who do not have a high school diploma may also be admitted upon successful completion of English 30 or an acceptable equivalent. Screening interviews are held to determine the candidate’s aptitude for ministry. At present we are not able to offer Distance Education courses to residents of the U.S.A., but we welcome inquiries from anyone so interested.

This program is a Designated Learning Program and eligible to receive foreign nationals on a study permit. See International Student Admissions for DLI number.

Procedure for Admission
  • Apply through our online application portal and pay the non-refundable application fee (see Tuition and Fees).
  • Arrange for official high school transcripts and transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended to be sent directly to the Registrar’s Office from the issuing educational authority.
  • Submit an autobiography and curriculum vitae.;
  • Letters of reference from three persons qualified to judge the applicant’s character and intellectual ability as well as aptitude for ministry.

Submit a Security Clearance Check obtained six months or less from the submission date of your application package.

*Guidelines for the autobiography, curriculum vitae, letters of reference and Security Clearance Check can be obtained from Student Services.

When all required documentation is received the applicant’s file will be reviewed by the Admissions & Evaluations Committee. Applicants conditionally admitted will have an interview with three members of the faculty during their first semester. The interview team is responsible for recommending that the conditional admission be changed to a full admission. The interviewers may also advise that admission to the program is not recommended.

Students that have entered their studies under the sponsorship of a Religious Community, once they have begun a process of leaving the Religious Community, must notify the Registrar and reapply and be screened through the usual process for a lay student for entry into a pastoral program. An explanatory letter from their Religious Community should accompany their reapplication. They need not leave their studies unless they need time to compile the documents required for submission as part of the application process. For seminarians that are no longer seminarians from seminaries other than St. Joseph’s Seminary that wish to apply, they may do so as a lay student without taking a year’s absence. However, part of the application should have an explanatory letter from the seminary where they previously were in formation.

Degree Requirements

The B.Th. is awarded upon completion of 90 credits including:

  • 69 core credits
  • 6 philosophy credits
  • 15 elective credits.

Full-time, part-time and distance lay students are required to participate in THEO 020 Lay Formation or Theo 020i Distance Lay Formation for six semesters.

Most undergraduate courses offered in conjunction with graduate courses, with an appropriate difference in workload. In addition to the courses listed above, students who have been admitted to the Dip.Th. program may take certain courses for credit from the graduate course listing with the approval of their Faculty Advisor and the Academic Dean.


B.Th. education expects regular and substantive student-faculty interaction to achieve the stipulated learning outcomes, and this interaction requires that at least one year of full-time academic study (30 credits) shall be completed at our main campus.

Program Outline

Core Courses

* Courses must be taken in the First Year of Studies
** Students who take SCR 261 or SCR 362 cannot take SCR 260 The Synoptic Gospels for credit. 

Lay Formation THEO 020

Foundational Theology

(6 Credits)

FND 211 Early Church History
FND 221 Medieval Church History 
FND 231 Modern Church History

Sacred Scripture

(18 Credits)

SCR 100 Introduction to Sacred Scripture and their Interpretation*

Plus 5 of:

SCR 253 The Pentateuch and Historical Books
SCR 254 The Prophets
SCR 260 The Synoptic Gospels**
SCR 261 Matthew and Mark**
SCR 351 Psalms & Wisdom Literature
SCR 355 Pauline Literature
SCR 362 Luke-Acts**
SCR 366 Johannine Literature

Systematic Theology

(24 Credits)

SYT 100 Introduction to Theology*
SYT 184 Christology*
SYT 214 Introduction to the Sacraments and Christian Initiation
SYT 215 Liturgical Theology
SYT 240 Theological Anthropology
SYT 288 Ecclesiology
SYT 308 The Theology of Revelation
SYT 385 Theology of God

Moral, Pastoral, and Spiritual Theology

(21 Credits)

MPS 100 Introduction to Pastoral Theology
MPS 120 Introduction to Moral Theology
MPS 170 Introduction to Spiritual Theology
MPS 222 The Social Teaching of the Church
MPS 230 Theology of Ministry
MPS 339 Theological Field Education (6 Credits)


(6 Credits)

PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy*
PHIL Elective


(15 Credits)

see Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Transfer Credit

Students who enter the program having completed the NTC Diploma in Theological Studies or the Diploma of Theology will be granted advanced standing of 60 credits towards the B.Th. degree. Students who enter the program with an equivalency to the NTC Diploma in Theological Studies or Diploma of Theology may be subject to further core requirements. Students who enter the program having completed the NTC Certificate of Theology will be granted advanced standing of 30 credits towards the B.Th. degree.

Students may transfer in a maximum of 21 credits towards the B.Th. Degree from other recognized colleges and universities. The transfer of credit is subject to the approval of the NTC Admissions and Evaluations Committee.

What can you do with a B.Th.?

The program is ideal for students preparing to work in pastoral ministry, sacramental preparation, catechesis, social justice work, youth work and health care ministry, although some of these areas will need further formal training.


Having completed my Bachelor of Theology degree at Newman, I feel very grateful for this opportunity to increase both my knowledge and understanding of my faith - and in the process my faith itself. I was first drawn to Newman because of intellectual curiosity, and a belief that the greater my knowledge of the Church and its teachings, the better I could serve the various commitments I have been entrusted with as a lay member of the Archdiocese of Vancouver. This has proven to be the case.

Newman Theological College provides an excellent environment from which to grow and develop intellectually and spiritually. The academic programs and the individual courses are well structured, comprehensive and challenging. The professors, teaching staff and entire support tam are excellent. All are committed to both Newman's mandate and your personal learning experience. Newman Theological College truly reflects the best of the rich Catholic intellectual and learning tradition. Whatever your goals, and or, responsibilities are, you will benefit immensely from the Newman experience, and in turn, be better prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

William McCarthy, Property Manager, Developer and Consultant, Burnaby, BC. Bachelor of Theology graduate 2013.

After my ordination as a deacon, it quickly became apparent that I needed to be committed to ongoing learning about my Church and my faith. It was extremely challenging however, to find a quality learning opportunity that would accommodate both my busy work schedule and Diaconate responsibilities. The NTC online Bachelor of Theology program is a perfect fit. The flexibility that online* learning provides is invaluable for my hectic life. Although, better than the flexibility, is the quality of the program itself. The teaching is solidly Catholic and has enhanced my ministry, particularly my preaching, immeasurably. The courses are engaging and have brought me to a much greater appreciation of the depth and breadth of Catholic theology. The staff and the professors are absolutely committed to their students and have consistently gone out of their way to assist me when needed. The NTC B.Th. program is an ideal program for anyone who wants to grow in their understanding of our faith and the Church. I particularly recommend it to my brother deacons.

Joe Murphy, Permanent Deacon in Brampton, ON. Currently studying at NTC towards a B.Th.

*(The B.Th. program is not currently available completely at a distance please refer to the Dip.Th.)

After a couple years of parish youth ministry, I came to realize that both my faith and my service to the Church required further formation, and at the encouragement of my parish priest, I explored the possibility of studying at Newman Theological College. For both my own faith as well as my service to the Church, it is an experience I am very grateful for. My five years of studies provided me an opportunity to begin to more clearly understand the faith that I love, and to help better pass that faith on to the young people I've served. Completing my BTh gave me the opportunity to fill in my enthusiasm to share the faith with a clearer ability to understand and articulate my faith to others. My time at Newman College has both helped form me as a better man as well as made me much more effective in my ministry.

Mike Landry, youth worker (NTC Alumnus, B.Th. 2009)

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Cost of Education

Tuition and Fees (per term) - 2023/2024

Tuition (full course load 15 credits, $262/credit, $786.00 per course)



Lay Formation



Non-instructional Fees*



Books and Supplies (approx.)



Year 1 Total  (Tuition, fees, books for full course load 30 credits)



*Full-time student fees include Administration fee, Library fee and Students' Association fee.