The Chancellor's Award

What is the purpose of the award?

The Chancellor’s Award recognizes an individual who demonstrates stewardship and ambassadorship for Newman Theological College through sustained efforts in supporting the College and its mission of Faith Seeking Understanding.

Who is eligible to receive the award?

The Chancellor’s Award may be given to any individual (clerical, religious or lay person) who is deemed to have made noteworthy contributions to Newman Theological College over many years.
Recipients shall be worthy ambassadors and supporters of the College. The Award will be given to those who are individuals widely recognized by the community as supporters of Newman Theological College.

Who is eligible to nominate?

Nominations are invited from individuals, businesses, organizations, and community groups.

How do I nominate someone for the award?

Simply fill out the official nomination form and attach to it the support material.

Please ensure the following items have been completed and are included in the nomination package:

  1. Nominator information and signature.
  2. A Petition signed by no fewer than 6 members of the Faculty, Academic Senate, or the Board of Governors of NTC.
  3. Nominee Profile (describing the merits of the nominee and demonstrating that she or he has made substantial contributions to the College in a variety of ways over many years. )

When is the closing date for nominations?

All nominations must be received at Newman Theological College by 4:00 PM on March 15th.

How are the nominations processed?

Upon receipt of a petition for the award the President may either present the petition to the Academic Senate for approval or reject the petition.
Given the extremely high contributions to the College candidates for this award must meet, it is not anticipated that the prize will be given each year. Rather, it will be presented only when a suitable nominee is submitted.

How and when will the award recipient be recognized?

The Award Recipient will be notified by Newman Theological College and invited to attend our Convocation Ceremony in October to receive the Award.


If you have any questions or require guidance in the preparation of the nomination, please contact:
Lauri Friesen
Newman Theological College
780.392.2455 or

Send completed nomination package by
4:00 PM on March 15th to:
Attn. Lauri Friesen
Newman Theological College
Chancellor’s Award
10012-84 St NW Edmonton, AB T6A 0B2