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Published on Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Newman Theological College Awarded $50,000 Grant

Newman Theological College (NTC) has been awarded a $50,000 USD ($60,338.50 CAD) grant from the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) and the Pathways for Tomorrow: Canadian Schools Planning and Assessment Grants Initiative.

The grant, sponsored by the Lilly Endowment, is designed to support theological schools and give them more sustainability. NTC was one of several theological schools to receive the grant, which will be used for institutional assessment and strategic planning. The award, part of a three-phase competitive grant from the Lilly Endowment is a welcomed enhancement to the mission at NTC.

When the world was caught off guard by the COVID-19 pandemic, institutions of higher learning had to quickly adapt. NTC was not immune to these challenges and swiftly adjusted its procedures and policies to continue serving its students.

Transitioning from a close-knit college to a socially distanced and oftentimes online school with digital formats took time, resources, and diligence. The Lilly Endowment seeks to support schools through this difficult transition and help them continue to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of higher education.

"Through the Pathways for Tomorrow Initiative, the Endowment seeks to help theological schools build on their current efforts to plan for their futures and to provide encouragement and support so they can take more robust steps forward to adapt their educational strategies and financial operations to address changes in higher education and church life." (Excerpt from Lilly Endowment RFP)

With innovation, continued donor support, active enrolment, and organizations like the Lilly Endowment, NTC will continue to grow and serve the community and Catholic Church at large. The Pathways for Tomorrow grant enables NTC to develop a plan to address the current and future challenges for the College and the Catholic Church in Canada. The focus will be on growing enrolment and financial sustainability.

NTC President, Jason West said, “Just a year ago we celebrated Newman’s 50th anniversary - this planning grant from the Lilly Endowment will help us plan how to remain vibrant and relevant as we serve the needs of the Church for the next 50 years.”

About the Lilly Endowment

The Lilly Endowment is a private philanthropic foundation based in Indianapolis. The family started the Endowment in 1937 to support organizations and efforts in community development, education, and religion.

About the Association of Theological Schools

The mission of the Association of Theological Schools is to promote the improvement and enhancement of theological schools to the benefit of communities of faith and the broader public. ( To learn more about Newman Theological College visit or follow on social media @NTCEdmonton.

Submitted by: Ann Marie Engler, Marketing and Recruitment NTC

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