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Published on Saturday, October 15, 2022

Class of 2022

Newman Theological College is proud to congratulate twenty-three students who celebrate their graduation today. The 53rd Convocation Ceremony was hosted at St. Joseph Seminary and thirteen graduates attended the ceremony in-person.

The students are graduating from the Master of Divinity, Master of Theological Studies, Master of Religious Education, Bachelor of Theology, and the Diploma of Theology.

Convocation is a wonderful time for students to reflect on their time studying at Newman Theological College. In the days leading up to the ceremony, NTC was pleased to ask two graduates to share more about their experience.

Colleen Soetaert is graduating from the Master of Theological Studies and Deacon Harper Boucher is graduating from the Diploma of Theology.

Colleen Soetaert with the honorable Chancellor Mr. Justice Kevin Feehan and Archbishop Richard Smith

What was the best part of studying at NTC?

Boucher: The best part about studying at Newman was being able to study via the online route with very competent and highly professional professors who demonstrated a keen willingness to interact with the student - using technology to its fullest.

Soetaert: The best part about studying at Newman was the people I met. The professors created an environment in which students were challenged to go beyond rote learning and to discover more about one’s faith. Engaging with other students and finding out about their journey at Newman was always interesting and rewarding.

What is one of your favourite memories for your time as an NTC student?

Soetaert: Once a year, my husband, Raymond and I, would host the seminarians out at our acreage. They would come to mass in our small rural parish, then come for brunch and either go sledding, do archery or ride horses. Not all these men became priests, however, all were devoted to their faith.

Boucher: My favourite memories consisted of the interaction with the professor. As a senior individual this interaction meant so much as I was encouraged to state my views on historical biblical matters placing them into context and making them relevant. I took several reading courses, which I thought would be simply reading a text, however they turned out to be very thorough discussions with the professor on in-depth topics.

How do you feel your programs have equipped you for the future?

Boucher: That is a great question. I feel that I have a greater understanding of Sacred Scripture from a historical and theological perspective. I have learnt much more about the Gospels and see the interaction with the Books of the Old Testament. Learning about the prophets opened my eyes to God communicating with His people the whole salvific message and the coming of Jesus Christ. This certainly has helped me as a Deacon in becoming a better preacher of the Gospel and servant of Christ.

Soetaert: In many ways, achieving my MTS was merely the start of learning about my faith, however it has given me the courage to discuss issues with some knowledge and confidence. I am involved in my parish and in the Catholic Women’s League. I would like to see a focus on outreach in our Church. Specifically, I would like to reach out to those who may not feel welcome, for example, those who are divorced, and others who are marginalized. It sometimes appears that our Catholic Church is the easiest one to leave, and the hardest one to get into. I love that Pope Francis continually urges us to be a Church sent out on mission, and to open the doors of the Church. I wrote my thesis on how Pope Francis’ ecclesiology embraces Vatican II. We must strive to live up to the teachings of those documents. 

Would you recommend the Diploma of Theology and the Master of Theological Studies to others?

Boucher: Most definitely! I was introduced to the Diploma of theology by my Faculty Advisor, Dr. Stephane Saulnier, after commencing studies with Newman College in the diaconate program of the Archdiocese of Regina. The whole Diploma program has given me a greater grounding in Scripture as well as in human behaviour. This I believe came about because of the quality of Newman's staff and the interaction that resulted with students and faculty.

Soetaert: I always encourage people to take courses at Newman. I never intended to take my MTS, however, my first class on Vatican II from Fr Don MacDonald OFM, hooked me on Newman. I started by taking just one course, and twelve years later, here I am looking forward to graduation. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and the people around me have witnessed that. I believe that what we learn at Newman must be shared, and I encourage everyone, especially those of us who live in the Edmonton area, to take advantage of the opportunities that Newman Theological College has to offer. My years at Newman have been a wonderful journey of faith seeking understanding.

NTC’s vision is “To develop life-long disciples and ministers of Christ through the formation of minds and hearts.” On this day of Convocation, it is beautiful to see graduates who have not only excelled in academics but have also allowed their studies to form their hearts, deepening both their faith and reason.



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Author: Danielle Godin

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