Certificate in Eastern Christian Lay/Diaconate Formation Year 2 - Catechesis

The Certificate in Eastern Christian Lay/Diaconate Formation Year 2 - Catechesis supports those specifically involved with handing on the faith to others. While every baptized person shares in this responsibility in some way, parents and grandparents, adults who volunteer in parishes, and people tasked with teaching the faith to others are called to equip themselves more thoroughly for this mission. This Certificate includes six courses each, of approximately 25 hours over a five-week period. Each course requires that you complete readings and assignments, and participate in online discussions.

Prerequisite: The Certificate in Eastern Christian Tradition I must be completed before registering for this Certificate.


    • Parish Pastoral Council members
    • Parish catechists and others who wish to support the religious education of family members and the domestic church
    • Aspiring seminarians and deacons
    • Personal faith development and spiritual growth


CCS-006 Catechesis
CCS-007 On Good Soil
CCS-010 Moral Theology
CCS-031 Echoes: Parish Based Training for Handing on the Faith
CCS-032 Catechesis
CCS-033 The Practice of Catechesis

To complete this certificate in an academic year students must register for the courses in the following order.
(This does not apply to those who take more than one course per cycle and Certificates are not required to be completed within a year.)

Cycle 1 - CCS-010

Cycle 2 - CCS-006

Cycle 3 - CCS-031

Cycle 4 - CCS-007

Cycle 5 - CCS-032

Cycle 6 - CCS-033