Certificate in Catholic School Trusteeship (CST)

The Catholic School Trusteeship Program includes six courses, each of approximately 25 hours over a five week period. Each course requires the completion of readings, assignments, and participation in online discussions.

The Certificate in Catholic School Trusteeship is designed for those who wish to know more about their faith, what makes a Catholic school authentic and issues in Catholic education governance today. The program offers participants courses in the areas of Catholicism, Scripture, Jesus, and the Sacraments, as well as courses specifically designed around Catholic education.


  • General interest in your personal faith formation
  • Current or potential Catholic school trustees
  • Certified catechists
  • Catholic school educators
  • Persons working in Catholic school divisions, dioceses and parishes
  • Anyone working in the ministry of Catholic education.
  • Others whose ministry would be enriched by formal certification in this field.


CCS 001 Catholicism

Participants will come to appreciate the purpose of doctrine and the process of theology through which doctrines develop in the Roman Catholic Tradition; develop the skills to articulate personal beliefs, and explain the role and purpose of faith in theology.

Course Outline

CCS 002 Scripture

With the introduction of a few basic theories, the course will assist the participants in navigating through the world of the Scriptures and consider the Bible’s history, its development, the cultural factors which influenced the events around the writing of the Old and New Testaments, and the influence of the Church documents on the Bible today.

Course Outline 

CCS 003 Jesus

Participants will have the opportunity to examine, from a variety of theological perspectives, what we know and believe about the central figure of the Christian faith – Jesus.

Course Outline 

CCS 004 The Sacraments

The course will present an overview of the theology of the sacraments: the public and the liturgical prayer of the Church, as well as discuss of each of the sacraments within the context of its role in the lives of the faithful.

Course Outline

CCS 027 Catholic Education in the Mission of the Church (CST)

The Congregation for Catholic Education has clearly articulated the meaning and purpose of Catholic schools and the role schools play in the mission of the Church. Course material will focus on the Church documents and teachings on Catholic education.

Course Outline

CCS 028 Catholic School Governance and Issues in Catholic Education (CST)

How would a Catholic board govern and serve as a Catholic institution? What issues does a Catholic board encounter that would not be found in other districts? Issues could include the questions of shared facilities, gender issues, social justice issues, aboriginal education, and Catholic curriculum.

Course Outline

To complete this certificate in an academic year students must register for the courses in the following order.

(This does not apply to those who take more than one course per cycle and Certificates are not required to be completed within a year.)

Cycle 1 - CCS-001

Cycle 2 - CCS-028

Cycle 3 - CCS-002

Cycle 4 - CCS-003

Cycle 5 - CCS-027

Cycle 6 - CCS-004