Certificate in Catechesis II

Prerequisite - Certificate in Catechesis I

The Certificates in Catechesis (Level II) includes six courses each, of approximately 25 hours over a five-week period. Each course requires that you complete readings and assignments, and participate in online discussions.

The Church’s mission is to hand on our Catholic faith to others. Every baptized person shares in this responsibility in some way. However, parents and grandparents, adults who volunteer in parishes, and people formally tasked with teaching the faith to others, are called to equip themselves more thoroughly for this mission.

This program will help lead participants to appreciate even more the treasure of our Catholic faith and the wisdom of the Church. It will equip them to participate in handing on Christ in his Church to others. Participants will explore our faith through the study of Scripture, Jesus as teacher, liturgy, initiatory and catechumenal catechesis, and forming adults in faith.


  • Those who wish to pass on faith to others but are unsure how to go about it
  • Those who have been asked to help out in a parish with preparation for one of the sacraments, or with RCIA
  • Parents who wish to be able to share faith with their children more easily
  • Those who wish to learn more about our faith to be able to speak with others about it at work, at home, or in the parish
  • Others whose ministry would be enriched by formal certification in this field.

Certificate in Catechesis II (CATI)

Prerequisite - Certificate in Catechesis I (CATI)


CCS 007 On Good Soil

The Canadian Bishops’ publication On Good Soil: Pastoral Planning for Evangelization and Catechesis with Adults will provide participants with relevant reflection, constructive suggestions and sound orientations for effective, life-giving evangelizing and catechetical ministry with adults.

Course Outline

CCS 015 Social Justice

The course will introduce participants to the theory and practice of Social Justice through the study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the seven key themes of Catholic Social Teaching as outlined by the Bishops: the life and dignity of the person; the call to family, community, and participation; rights and responsibilities; option for the poor and vulnerable; the dignity of work and the rights of workers; solidarity; and care for God’s creation.

Course Outline 

CCS 016 The Practice of Social Justice

The course will teach participants how to integrate the key themes of Social Justice into their everyday lives.

Course Outline

CCS 021 Liturgy

As central to the life of the Christian person, liturgy engages the heart, body and soul in praise, thanks and worship of God as Trinity. In the course, the participants will study the ritual and symbolic meaning of liturgy, its structural elements and its importance to Christian worship and life.

Course Outline

CCS 022 Liturgical Practices

The course will introduce participants to the practical elements of worship and life: Sunday and the Paschal Triduum, Lent-Easter and Advent-Christmas, the Liturgy of the Word, the Liturgy of the Eucharist, and the Environment and Music.

Course Outline 

CCS 034 Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

The course will introduce participants to the celebrations of the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist, and all the Rites belonging to the catechumenate. Participants will explore the steps marking the catechumenate as well as the four continuous periods of inquiry and growth: precatechumenate, catechumenate, purification and enlightenment, and mystagogy.

Course Outline

To complete this certificate in the academic year students must register for the courses in the following order.
(This does not apply to those who take more than one course per cycle and Certificates are not required to be completed within a year.)

Cycle 1 - CCS-015

Cycle 2 - CCS-021

Cycle 3 - CCS-016

Cycle 4 - CCS-034

Cycle 5 - CCS-022

Cycle 6 - CCS-007