St. John Paul II Catholic Youth Leadership Camp

July 25th - 29th, 2023 at Our Lady of Victory Camp

Camp is for those ages 15-18 yrs

During the camp, we will be exploring the thoughts of St. John Paul II on vocation and apologetics along with filling the afternoons with sports and music.

This camp is run by the Student Summer Internship program and NTC faculty with the Benedict XVI Institute at Newman Theological College.

Day 1: Christian Leadership and the Vocation to Holiness

Day 2: Christian Leadership and the Vocation to Marriage

Day 3: Christian Leadership and the Vocation to Priesthood and Religious Life


Bursaries and Scholarships

Total cost: $335 per camper 

The Benedict XVI Institute is offering a $150 bursary for the first 25 accepted campers

Please use this discount code upon registration: bursary25 (please note that this code will one work if you are within the first 25 registered)

Essay Competition

$150 scholarships available for the first 15 campers whose essays are considered complete and of sufficient standard for the writing competition. 

Terms for the essay competition:

You must write a 4-5 page essay on the following question: "With reference to the Catechism of the Catholic Church paragraph 1700-1717 and 871-873, why is it important for Catholics to understand their vocation?"

Essays are due July 1st. All applicants who completed an essay will be contacted one week after the essay competition closes. Staff members will evaluate essays, and all judgments are final. Please submit to


Register here:

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Benedict XVI Camp Ministry Seminar for Leaders in Camp Ministry

June 2nd - 4th, 2023 at Our Lady of Victory Camp

Join us for leadership training sessions, prayer, team building, and of course Sunday mass! 

Help your camp leaders grow in confidence while meeting Alberta Camping Association Requirements

Skills Developed will include: 

  • Writing and Giving Talks and Testimonies 

  • Leading Sunny/Rainy Day Games 

  • Facilitating Campfire Activities 

  • Learn about Risk Management and Safe Environments 

  • Building Relationships with Youth 

  • Being Authentic Witnesses


Register here: (Coming soon)

For more information contact Amanda Lutes at


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