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"You Possess a Treasure!"

Ruth Morris 0 38
An experience that touched me as a volunteer at Lac St. Anne was when I was asked to help a very elderly woman to the washroom. I think in most day-to-day settings there is some respect for elderly people. Yet, I was still very impressed with the way people made room for her walker and let her go first. This didn’t strike me as a culture that would keep their elderly in care homes or offer them a quick end once that life became unbearable. 

Am I Giving Life?

Marc Berube 0 665

The planning was a flurry of activity ranging from leisurely waiting for phone calls to the panic of having to reply to multiple pages of emails before the day’s work was done. But then the Holy Father came, and the reason for our labours became personal and apparent. During the visit I attended two of the events: I got involved at Maskwacis mostly in a supporting role for any tasks needed, and as a seminarian, I had the blessing of serving Mass at Commonwealth Stadium.