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Published on Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Catholic Culture and Vocations Internship

Dear Friends,

You will be seeing a few younger faces around our beautiful campus this summer.

This spring we officially launched Newman Theological College’s first ever ‘Catholic Culture and Vocations Internship’.

The idea for the project was kicked off at the Benedict XVI Institute’s Strategic Planning Workshop that we held on campus back in February. This workshop brought together about 30 leaders in youth ministry from across the Archdiocese of Edmonton, and Western Canada. The question we put to them was: What is working well for you? Where are you seeing young people energetically embrace the Gospel? How can our new Institute help in the work of promoting vocations? Do look for the official launch of our newly re-vamped Benedict XVI Institute later this fall.

Until then, we are simply thrilled at the good work our interns have already pre-emptively launched.

The internship has three goals: to foster personal holiness, to engage in evangelical outreach, and to promote the works of the College and the Church more generally. We’ve been wistfully thinking of it as our very own ‘Net Alberta’.

You will know most of the team as students of ours: Catherine Renneberg (finishing her M.Div), Ruth Morris (a recent Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Grad we’ve snagged), Eve Bussiére (second year BA student, hailing from Saskatoon), Marc Berube (third year seminarian at St Joseph Seminary), and Samuel Rivet (second year BA student from Edmonton). We’ve been blessed to have Fr Matthew Hysell serve informally as our ‘chaplain’ for the summer, offering Mass, and enriching us with attractively crafted homilies peppered with insights from St. Thomas Aquinas. As Director of the Benedict XVI Institute, I have the pleasure of providing overall oversight for the team.

So be forewarned. We’ll be sending more good news your way. As the summer progresses we will be keeping you up to date on some of the exciting projects we will be involved with at Newman and throughout the province.

Above all, we kindly ask you to keep our interns and the youth they will be serving – at Camps, at our Summer Workshops, at churches, and during the Papal visit - in your prayers.


In Christ,
Dr. Ryan N.S. Topping
Director of the Benedict XVI Institute and Professor of Theology at NTC

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