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They sure do keep it real. But I sensed an appreciation for the art and that's what matters. The brief lecture before the concert was very insightful. Just because someone has "power" does not instantly Nike Womens Shox TR mean that they are the "winners". We remember what we are told right? All of those things drilled into our heads at school must be exactly how everything happened; to say otherwise would mean it is all a lie. Bingo! "All" is Nike Shox Nz pushing it I guess, but not by much.If a person can grasp any particular native tongue and use it wisely, voila! Do we need examples? From the small to the large shall we? The 39 members of the "Heaven's Gate" cult ring a bell? Nike's and all? On Nike Mens Shox R4 a bit bigger scale we have/had, Jim Jones' and the Peoples' Temple; Flavor Aid anyone? Quickly we move on up to the large and Nike Womens Shox Turbo gi normous scale: Organized religions; pick a card, any card.

The Nike Hyperdunk was originally made popular by one Kobe Nike Mens Shox Monster Bryant. Kobe rocked the Hyperdunk several years back. The shoe has been one of Nike's most popular pair of basketball shoes ever since. Colorful jerseys are available for $20. Goalie shorts range from $13 Nike Mens Shox R2 to $20 depending on the brand and Nike Mens Shox NZ the material used. Padded compression shorts for both men and women are priced at around $30.

On the plane, a heavier long black cotton cardigan and a dressier rain jacket that fits over it. And a black straw, crushable hat to protect my freckled face. It Nike Mens Shox TR all fits in one Nike Mens Shox TL1 suitcase. He connected a generator to the freezer in the garage of the house where his mother, sister and nephew live after waiting on line for four hours to buy the generator the night before. He cut up a fallen branch. He checked on his tattoo business in Deep River, which had just regained power.A Nike Mens Shox Turbo typical scenario for a Cheap Nike Shox storm aftermath, perhaps, but Roberts' Nike Womens Shox R6 family has a claim to history.When all Nike Womens Shox R3 three storms are tallied, only 11 towns had at Nike Shox For Women least 81 percent of their residents lose power in Nike Mens Shox R5 each Nike Womens Shox R5 storm black or brown on the Connecticut Light Power outage map.

This Nike Shox Nz Mens factor along with a good outer sole will be able to absorb shocks and avoid problems caused due to walking on uneven surfaces. Nike Womens Shox OZ While searching for shoes, look for a quality non slip outer sole as well. Also, make sure that you opt for specialty or orthopedic footwear in case you have foot problems such as high arch, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, etc. Nike Womens Shox NZ

Pours from a spout in the club head with the touch of a button. Connected inconspicuously to an insulated cooler, it Nike Mens Shox R3 holds up to 54 oz. And keeps liquids cool for up to five hours Nike Mens Shox OZ you pleasantly hydrated for even longer.. All 600 seats that could fit in the venue were filled with attendees. The event was a community effort, said Tetreault, with a volunteer staff of 200 models, hair stylists, makeup artists, caterers and audio visual crew working to transform the hotel space. Local catering was provided by Bleu Door Bakery, Compass Coffee, Nike Mens Shox R6 Niche Wine Nike Womens Shox R4 Bar and Willem's on Main..

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A 34% YTD decline in Lulu's share price has brought questions on fair valuation back to the forefront. Though the forward P E ratio on Lululemon hasn't been lower since 2009, missteps by management and new competition has taken some of the bloom off the rose. LULU +1.2% premarket.

That our mentality this year. Whose position says but the word really Black Nike Shox describes her role in the school recent success, led the Raiders with 20 points, 10 rebounds, 4 blocks, 4 steals and 4 assists. Does all the things you see her do, but Womens Nike Shox R6 she does all the intangibles also, Fonda said.

The move to the Heat, and the TV special Womens Nike Shox OZ announcing the decision, caused a Nike Shox For Men significant backlash against James, but it did not hurt his earnings power. Winning Mens Nike Shox R6 two titles certainly helped rehab his reputation. James was well aware of the power of winning when he joined the Heat.

WE WANT TO BRING THE OLYMPIC TRIALS BACK. MIKE SOPHIA KNOWS THERE IS A WELCOME I LIKE NO OTHER AT TECH STATE NOW AT SAC STATE NOW. USA TRACK AND FIELD REQUIRED THE CITY COULD POST THE CHAMPIONSHIPS THIS YEAR. Sales Are Up and Nike (NKE) Shoes are Among the Most Popular Items Purchased at Dicks Sporting Goods (DKS) Tickermine surveyed thirty one Dick's Mens Nike Shox Turbo Sporting Goods stores across the county to Womens Nike Shox R4 ask about their top selling items, their customers Mens Nike Shox Monster and how business is faring compared to last year. The top three selling items Nike Shox Rivalry were reported as Nike shoes, fishing gear and golf supplies, with twenty one stores (68%) reporting Nike shoes as their best selling shoe brand for its teenage customers. Other Mens Nike Shox OZ top selling shoe brands included, Adidas at four stores (13%) and Timberland at two (6%).

Olympic Committee on Oct. Olympic track and field team in Munich. And Seattle, although Seattle had taken itself out of the Mens Nike Shox R4 running after getting Womens Nike Shox TL3 the national AAU Championships in June Nike Shox For Women of 1972.. The shoes have a black and white checkered pattern and were designed for Dustin Dollins (for you no skate boarding folk, he's one of Womens Nike Shox Turbo the most prolific skateboarders around). The shoe has extra padding on the tongue and collar, waffle cupsole, good flexibility Mens Nike Shox R5 and grip and is made out of quality suede and leather. You can buy them for $34.99.. Womens Nike Shox NZ

State lawmakers held their first regular legislative session in an even year since voters decided they should meet annually, and Kitzhaber got everything he asked for four measures dealing with health care and education. In the final hours, lawmakers reached a compromise on legislation to help distressed homeowners facing foreclosure. In the struggle to balance the budget with revenues strained by recession, state agencies took cuts, but funding was maintained for schools, and prisons were not closed..

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The most leading designer of shoes is Nike in the world. The corporation is widespread for design, performance and creating first rate shoes. The Nike Hyperdunk is one of the best degree of Nike Cheap Jordans For Sale shoes. "The material that is actually blown in will be a fraction" of the tsunami Jordan Shoes For Women debris, said Curt Peterson, a coastal oceanographer and professor of in the geology department at Portland State University in Cheap Jordans Free Shipping Oregon. "Some will break up in transit. A lot of it will miss our coast.

At the time, Gatorade stuck by him as a sponsor, but it too relented on Friday, becoming the third major endorsement deal the golfer has lost. AT Inc. And Accenture, dropped Woods in the weeks following the tabloid frenzy of cheating allegations.The companies that have stuck Cheap Basketball Shoes most closely by Woods, Nike Cheap Retro Jordans Inc.

Do you have energy leaks? You know an energy leak by your losses loss of time, loss of a feeling of control, loss of organization. An energy leak is what occurs when you are driving along and suddenly remember something that you should have done by now, or something you have forgotten. An energy leak happens when you have not taken care Cheap Jordans of a relationship is sue and now you are avoiding that person.

Comical story specifically an iconic power relays data powerless this morning I arguments by may be remembered back to the future to. 1989. Well now an area President fox blocks that would be really nice Cheap Jordans For Women and now Nike designers revealing that in 2015 the company will unveil some takes.

Yet, from all accounts, Dior could be very good company in situations where he was able to counter his innate diffidence. Funny, engaging, something of a raconteur yet kindly, generous and attentive. His biographer, Marie France Pochna, paints a telling picture of a man, ever in search of love, who invariably became a father figure; a dear, platonic friend or the employer of the young men he pursued..

Roy Wayne Wooley, 72, of Memphis, passed away on Tuesday, Jordans Shoes For Men April 10, 2012. He was a retired Nike Air Jordan Kids heavy equipment mechanic with Memphis Aero/AMR Combs and a member of Peabody Baptist Church. Mr. The Moore League baseball title chase begins in style tonight at 7 as No. 1 Lakewood (9 1) faces off with No. 2 Poly (6 2) at Blair Field.

How many have came up with the smaller, sleeker, more economical idea? How many have built the better mouse trap? The answer; Millions have built it. Patent office had issued 7,950,000 patents. An estimated 150,000 Jordan Shoes For Kids patents are issued annually. Tambin pude usar mi Nike Fuel Band (una forma fcil y prctica de incorporar los productos Nike). Las aplicaciones te ayudan enviando Cheap Jordans For Men recordatorios de desafo y registrando tus progresos. Xbox LIVE te permite desafiar Cheap Authentic Jordans a tus amigos, a otros atletas o formar equipos.

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The Vivitar DVR 850W Underwater Digital Camcorder is a budget Cheap Custom Jersey friendly camcorder that has underwater and webcam capabilities. You can enjoy the Cheap Kids Jordans camera on land or in the water thanks to the 16.4 (5m) underwater depth rating. Even if you not planning a dive any time soon this camcorder is a good choice for use in the rain or snow.

Creative athletic footwear designers generally develop their own signature styles. Manufacturers like Nike offer customers the opportunity to create customized versions online from existing high top designs, referred to as their personal NikeID. Fabric textures as well as color details are selected and inserted in a high top icon during the customization process..

The ProblemI've been selling online now for more than 8 years. One of the first products I began selling was Nike shoes. Cheap Jordans For Women I took Cheap Authentic Jordans about $750 I saved up from working as a bus boy at age 15 and decided to invest it in my business. Nearly one third of all Cheap Retro Jordans known marine mammal species have been spotted in the waters surrounding Point Reyes. The beaches, while Michael Jordans Kids typically not swimming (or even dipping) beaches, are beautiful and the bird watching is grand. This is a national treasure of huge value with several lovely beaches found along its rugged coast.

If Pistorius posed a threat to others, though, the signs were more subtle. There was his description of his relationship with Miles as "very fiery". "We rowed a lot," he said. Players will get written evaluations and learn the latest in new skills according to the company. Nike prizes are also awarded. One or multiple week stays are offered.

Are disappointed that the high bid in today auction of Michael Jordan residence in Highland Park did not meet the reserve price, said Estee Portnoy, a spokeswoman for Cheap Jordans Free Shipping Jordan. Will be evaluating options for the property in Cheap Jordan Sneakers the new year. Can probably afford Cheap Jordans For Sale to take a less than asking price for the property.

Does demand for these good and services justify the existence of these working conditions? Do you shop at Walmart, Cheap Jordan 11 Kmart, Bimart, Safeway, Fred Meyer, etc (think China before you answer). Lets look Cheap Jordans For Men at the "non war" on drugs. In 2010 over 100,000 Americans died from perscription drugs, over 15,00 from painkillers alone.

When we say the buyer beware, we are ruefully acknowledging that the expression in advertising may be an oxymoron, and so we beware. Some of us blame victims, arguing that, if they were stupid enough to believe the lies, they deserve the consequences. We have consumer protection Cheap Jordans For Kids groups, and websites that evaluate products and services, which are helpful to whatever extent we Cheap Nike Air Max can differentiate the legitimate groups and sites from the bogus..

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Mr. Planner is not alone on Madison Avenue. Every day, it seems, one reads about some new outrage perpetrated by the hip bomb throwers of the advertising industry. Nadal reached the semifinals of the Australian Open for the first time, and finals of the Miami Masters in 2008. He won the Masters Series Monte Carlo for the third consecutive year, Cheap Nike Shox and won his first title at the Masters Series Hamburg. He then went on to win his fourth French Open, equaling Bjrn Borg's all time record..

So that's another one of the Villa 7 sessions: preparing for the first 100 days."You've just got to be yourself," Smart said, recalling the advice he took. "You don't want to take someone else's 100 days blueprint and try to apply that to your deal. You don't want to take someone else's personality and try to completely copy that.

Muchas personas piensan que slo las grandes empresas con equipos de programadores y tcnicos pueden aparecer en la primera pgina de google, pero la verdad es otra. Cualquier persona puede aprender cmo aparecer en la primera pgina de google en menos de 20 minutos. Es ms, ni siquiera hace falta tener una pgina web para competir con pginas cuya creacin y diseo costaron miles de dlares..

Barnes also hopes the Ferrell Center's energy matches the magnitude of the opponent. Wednesday's match will be televised on ESPNU, and Baylor's marketing department has pulled out all the stops in a quest to break the program's volleyball Nike Shox For Women attendance record of 3,100. The first 350 fans will receive free T shirts, and Baylor students Black Nike Shox will have the chance to enter a drawing to win an Art Briles autographed football or two tickets to Baylor's football game with Texas Tech Nov.

Reason I ran cross country is because I always thought a great race by one runner, or even two, could be enough to get you on the podium, Van Scoter said. Guess you need all five. Who eclipsed his own Division V standard of 15:23 from the Clovis Invitational on Oct.

I blocked off the bottom Nike Shox Nz Mens half of the tongue with some tissue and I have never had an issue with it getting lost. There are some sensor pockets you can purchase and attach to your shoe as well. Use whatever option works best for you.. I've never had to wake up at 7am to reserve a hut, as they were always available on the beach. The boys at the Marina are great, the non motorized sports are free, so make sure to try it all out! Make sure you say Hi to Jim (parasailing guy), he's originally from Buffalo, NY, the English helps, but he'll give you the scoop on the cheap internet and phone cards. We joined the Embera tour, 3 hr ATV, and the Canal + city tour.

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The Scherer's linen closet When examining the direction of the shoe prints at the crime scene, something always troubled police. One set of prints led to a linen closet, but they weren't sure why. Inside the closet were a set of decorative swords, but after testing them, cops found no evidence they were used in the crime..

I'd look in the front of Lonely planet Thailand for the technical Cheap Retro Jordans how tos and which routes are recommended. I hear that the boat is a total tourist trap (and uncomfortable to boot), so I think it's bus if you're cheap and plane if you're Cheap Jordan Sneakers not. I think $300 US would easily cover the flights.

Nike free Cheap Jordan Shoes For Men run pas cher . Ortiz had two Jordan Sneakers For Women hits and three RBIs to extend his torrid start after a long layoff, and Felix Doubront overcame a wild first inning to pitch into the Cheap Jordans seventh as the Cheap Jordans For Women Boston Red Sox beat the struggling Houston Astros 8 4 on Saturday Cheap Jordan Shoes night. SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.

Sales of primary batteries will advance 4.9 percent per year. Among primary batteries, alkaline types will see demand advance at the fastest pace, overtaking zinc based batteries by 2013. Alkaline batteries are Cheap Authentic Jordans favored for their greater power and longer lifespan than zinccarbon/chloride batteries.

In early 1945, however, the division faced horrible fighting against entrenched German soldiers in Italy's Apennines range, surviving to face SS troops in the Alps. The division lost Authentic Cheap Jordans one out of four men. The flat, Hitler Channel storytelling including the snare drums and harmonica on the soundtrack is mitigated by the two things: first, the interviews with the self effacing old vets themselves; second, the fact that the vet's lives weren't anticlimactic after the war.

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Upon successful completion of a course, a Certificate will be e-mailed to you from Newman Theological College. The Certificate provides proof of your participation and completion of the course.

CCS 001 Catholicism CCS 023 Acts and New Testament Writings
CCS 002 Scripture CCS 024 Pauline Literature
CCS 003 Jesus Christ CCS 025 Johannine Literature
CCS 004 The Sacraments CCS 026 Catholic Philosophy
CCS 005 Prayer CCS 027 Catholic Education in the Mission of the Church
CCS 006 Catechesis CCS 028 Catholic School Governance and Issues in Catholic Education
CCS 007 Introduction to “On Good Soil” CCS 029 The Acts of the Apostles - Hybrid Course
CCS 008 The New Testament CCS 030 L'Essential de la foi Catholique
CCS 009 The Old Testament CCS 031 Echoes - Parish-Based Training for Handing on Faith
CCS 010 Moral Theology CCS 032 Catechesis - Human Development & Growth
CCS 011 Church History I CCS 033 The Practice of Catechesis
CCS 012 Church History II CCS 034 Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
CCS 013 Youth Ministry – Human Development & Growth CCS 035 Baptism
CCS 014 The Practice Of Youth Ministry CCS 036 Reconciliation
CCS 015 Social Justice CCS 037 Eucharist
CCS 016 The Practice of Social Justice CCS 038 Confirmation
CCS 017 Pastoral Care CCS 039 Marriage
CCS 018 The Practice of Pastoral Care CCS 040 Theology of God
CCS 019 Nicene Creed CCS 041 Holy Orders
CCS 020 Vatican II CCS 042 Introduction to Canon Law
CCS 021 Liturgy CCS 043 Canon Law - Marriage
CCS 022 Liturgical Practices CCS 044 Bioethics
CCS-045 The New Evangelization


CCS 001 Catholicism

Participants will come to appreciate the purpose of doctrine and the process of theology through which doctrines develop in the Roman Catholic Tradition; develop the skills to articulate personal beliefs, and explain the role and purpose of faith in theology. (FFI, CST, LIT, PC, YE)
Course Outline

CCS 002 Scripture

With the introduction of a few basic theories, the course will assist the participants in navigating through the world of the Scriptures and consider the Bible’s history, its development, the cultural factors which influenced the events around the writing of the Old and New Testaments, and the influence of the Church documents on the Bible today. (FFI, CST, LIT, PC, SCR, YE)
Course Outline

CCS 003 Jesus Christ

Participants will have the opportunity to examine, from a variety of theological perspectives, what we know and believe about the central figure of the Christian faith – Jesus. (FFI, CST, LIT, PC, YE)
Course Outline

CCS 004 The Sacraments

The course will present an overview of the theology of the sacraments: the public and the liturgical prayer of the Church, as well as a discussion of each of the sacraments within the context of its role in the lives of the faithful. (FFI, CST, LIT, SP, PC, YE)
Course Outline

CCS 005 Prayer

The course will survey prayer as essential to the lives of Christian people, as individuals, and within the community of faith. Participants will explore the qualities, forms and expressions of prayer. (FFI)
Course Outline

CCS 006 Catechesis

The course will consider the ministry of catechesis within the context of the Church’s mission to evangelize.  The General Directory for Catechesis will be used to present the purpose, tasks, and content of catechesis, methodologies for various age groups, the influence of the baptismal catechumenate on the catechetical process, and the importance of the catechist’s vocation. (FFI)
Course Outline

CCS 007 Introduction to “On Good Soil”

The Canadian Bishops’ publication On Good Soil: Pastoral Planning for Evangelization and Catechesis with Adults will provide participants with relevant reflection, constructive suggestions and sound orientations for effective, life-giving evangelizing and catechetical ministry with adults. (FFII, CATII)
Course Outline

CCS 008 The New Testament

The course will explore the stories in and behind the writings of the New Testament; introducing the participants to the cultural context, composition, themes and pastoral applications of the New Testament accounts and at the same time, expanding their understanding of the Bible. (FFII, CATI, RE, SCR)
Course Outline

CCS 009 The Old Testament

The course will help participants to understand better and appreciate the biblical context, structure, authoring, meaning, and historical impact of the Old Testament accounts. (FFII, CATI, RE, SCR)
Course Outline

CCS 010 Moral Theology

The course will introduce participants to the moral principles and convictions that give meaning to our actions, as well as examine the role Scripture, the Church, and conscience play in shaping how we act and how our behaviour is a response to the human community. (FFII, CATI, RE)
Course Outline

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CCS 011 Church History I

Church History I is one of two parts of a basic introduction to the History of the Church. Here the participants will study the period from Pentecost to the beginning of the Reformation. (FFII)
Course Outline

CCS 012 Church History II

Prerequisite: CCS-011 Church History I.  Church History II navigates the participants from the Reformation through the Second Vatican Council into the 21st century. Here, the participants will explore the cultural, political, social and religious factors which influenced the Church's journey, and learn how significant men and women emerged to support and challenge the Church's understanding of herself and her relationship with the world. (FFII)
Course Outline

CCS 013 Youth Ministry – Human Development and Growth

The course will introduce participants to the stage theories of human development and spiritual growth; consider the ministry of catechesis within the context of the Church’s mission to evangelize; and explore the vision and principles for developing a comprehensive framework for youth ministry. (YE)
Course Outline

CCS 014 The Practice of Youth Ministry

The course will provide an introduction and understanding of the practical considerations when organizing a Youth event, as well as exploring the methods and techniques for leading prayer and worship with young people. (YE)
Course Outline

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CCS 015 Social Justice

The course will introduce participants to the theory and practice of Social Justice through the study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the seven key themes of Catholic Social Teaching as outlined by the Bishops: the life and dignity of the person; the call to family, community, and participation; rights and responsibilities; option for the poor and vulnerable; the dignity of work and the rights of workers; solidarity; and care for God's creation. (SJ, CATII, RE)
Course Outline

CCS 016 The Practice of Social Justice

The course will teach participants how to integrate the key themes of Social Justice into their everyday lives. (SJ, CATII)
Course Outline

CCS 017 Pastoral Care

The course will introduce participants to the theology of sickness and suffering, communion rituals, prayer and the Word of God, practical advice on making pastoral visits, taking care of yourself while caring for others, and further information about illnesses affecting those you visit. (PC)
Course Outline

CCS 018 The Practice of Pastoral Care

The course will provide participants with the practical elements required to assist those that are sick and/or suffering from an illness. (PC)
Course Outline

CCS 019 Nicene Creed

The course will help you reflect on your life experiences and discern God’s presence; link your insights with the Church’s tradition and teachings, and then proclaim and witness your faith in the particular life and vocation to which God has called you. The themes in the course will include God the Father, God the Son - Jesus Christ, God the Holy Spirit, the Church, the Primacy of Baptism, and From Here to Eternity.
Course Outline

CCS 020 Vatican II

Fifty years after it started, the faithful still debate what the changes wrought by the Council mean for the Church today. The course will provide you with the perspective of people who have lived the unfolding of Vatican II, as well as the opportunity to closely examine six of the Vatican II documents.
Course Outline

CCS 021 Liturgy

As central to the life of the Christian person, liturgy engages the heart, body and soul in praise, thanks and worship of God as Trinity. In this course, the participants will study the ritual and symbolic meaning of liturgy, its structural elements and its importance to Christian worship and life. (LIT, CATII, RE)
Course Outline

CCS 022 Liturgical Practices

The course will introduce participants to the practical elements of worship and life: Sunday and the Paschal Triduum, Lent-Easter and Advent-Christmas, the Liturgy of the Word, the Liturgy of the Eucharist, and the Environment and Music. (LIT, CATII)
Course Outline

CCS 023 Acts and New Testament Writings

The course will consider the Book of the Acts of the Apostles and the Letters to the Hebrews, 1 and 2 Peter, James, and Jude.(SCR)
Course Outline

CCS 024 Pauline Literature

The course will consider the literature of the New Testament attributed to the Apostle Paul. The participants will survey the Apostle’s life, including a close reading of the Pauline Letters. (SCR)

CCS 025 Johannine Literature

The course will consider the Canonical literature traditionally attributed to the Fourth Evangelist: the Gospel of John; 1, 2, and 3 John; and the Book of Revelation. An introduction of the milieu from which the Johannine Community emanated, such as date, authorship, and provenance, will serve as a backdrop to a closer examination of the literature. (SCR)

CCS 026 Catholic Philosophy

A general introduction to Catholic Philosophy. Topics include: the existence of God, the reason for evil, the basis of ethics and the principles of political life.
Course Outline

CCS-027 Catholic Education in the Mission of the Church

The Congregation for Catholic Education has clearly articulated the meaning and purpose of Catholic schools and the role schools play in the mission of the Church. Course material will focus on the Church documents and teachings on Catholic education. (CST)

CCS-028 Catholic School Governance and Issues in Catholic Education

How would a Catholic board govern and serve as a Catholic institution? What issues does a Catholic board encounter that would not be found in other districts? Issues could include the questions of shared facilities, gender issues, social justice issues, aboriginal education, Catholic curriculum, etc. (CST)

CCS-029H The Acts of the Apostles Hybrid Course

The Certificate in Catholic Studies and the Treasures of our Faith unite to offer its participants a unique learning experience: individual online learning sessions as well as small group in-person discussions.
These one hour class discussions over the 13 week period will be supplemented with individual online learning, provided through our Certificate in Catholic Studies Program.
Enjoy the opportunity to dialogue with others about Sacred Scripture while also earning ONE course credit towards a Certificate in Catholic Studies.
Course Outline

CCS-030 L'Essential de la foi Catholique (Dix Semaines)

Comment comprendre la foi catholique aujourd’hui? Comment vivre l’engagement de son baptême dans tous les aspects de son existence? Les chretiens et les chretiennes d’aujourd’Hui font face au défi suivant: intéger les enseignements du passé aux changements du monde contemporain. Le but premier de L’Essentiel de la Foi Catholique est de présenter les données de base du catholicisme et d’éclairer tous ceux et celles qui désirent vivre leur foi de manière significative et dynamique.
Description Du Cours

CCS-031 Echoes - Parish-Based Training for Handing on Faith

The course will explore the links between catechesis and the liturgy; consider the plan and design of God for our good and for our salvation; see what implications good pedagogy has for how we can catechist or help; examine five types of skills which can help better implement learning sessions; and understand the centrality and aim of evangelization in all parish activities. (CATI)

CCS-032 Catechesis - Human Development & Growth

The course will introduce participants to the stage theories of human development and spiritual growth; consider the ministry of catechesis within the context of the Church's mission to evangelize; and explore the vision and principles for developing a comprehensive framework for lifelong catechesis and faith formation. (CATI, RE)

CCS-033 The Practice of Catechesis

The course will immerse participants in the Church's teaching on initiation, develop deep enthusiasm for and understanding of this vision, and ground this understanding with practical tips for catechists to apply in parish life. This course will highlight how faith sharing and experiential learning are key components of catechesis and faith formation. (CATI)

CCS-034 Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

The course will introduce participants to the celebrations of the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist, and all the Rites belonging to the catechumenate. Participants will explore the steps marking the catechumenate as well as the four continuous periods of inquiry and growth: precatechumenate, catechumenate, purification and enlightenment, and mystagogy. (CATII)

CCS-035 Baptism

The course will reflect on baptism as a drawing into the life of the incarnate Word; explore the roots of baptism in the Bible and early Christian writers; and consider that baptism calls us into union within the Christian community. (SP)

CCS-036 Reconciliation

The course will consider three elements of reconciliation: conversion, confession and celebration; elements where we find God's unconditional forgiveness, and where we in turn are called to forgive others. (SP)

CCS-037 Eucharist

The course will deepen an appreciation of the Eucharist as a sharing in Christ’s life and a carrying out of the covenant between ourselves and God; explore the forgiveness that is present and experienced in the Eucharist; consider the two-fold remembering which is celebrated in the Eucharist: and deepen an appreciation that the Eucharist is a Presence but most of all it is a power for hope and resurrection. (SP)

CCS-038 Confirmation

The course will deepen the participants' appreciation for Confirmation within the unity of the sacraments of initiation; explore the action of the Holy Spirit in the Pentecost and New Testament narratives; and consider the meaning of the laying on of hands and of anointing. (SP)

CCS-039 Marriage

The course will present the historical, theological and scriptural understanding of marriage in the Catholic tradition as the roots of this sacrament are traced; and consider the sacrament of marriage as an intimate and life giving relationship between a couple established by God which reflects the love of Christ and His Church. (SP)

CCS-040 Theology of God

The course will introduce participants to aspects of the problem of God in the modern era. Topics will include the Trinity in the history of Israel, the Trinity and the Christ event, and the Trinity and the early Church Councils.

CCS-041 Holy Orders

Coming Soon!

CCS-042 Introduction to Canon Law

Coming Soon!

CCS-043 Canon Law - Marriage

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CCS-044 Bioethics

Coming Soon!

CCS-045 The New Evangelization

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