Students are encouraged to complete the courses in FFI prior to taking the FFII courses. The advanced FFII includes six additional courses, each of approximately 25 hours offered over a five week period.  Each course requires the completion of readings, assignments, and participation in online discussions.

The Certificate in Catholic Studies FFII offers participants the opportunity to expand and deepen their knowledge of the Catholic Faith, through the study of On Good Soil, Christian Morality, the New Testament, the Old Testament, Church History I and Church History II. 


  • General Interest in your personal faith formation
  • Volunteer catechists
  • Catholic school teachers
  • Pastoral Assistants in the parishes
  • Others whose ministry would be enriched by formal certification in this field.


Prerequisite - Foundations in Faith Year I (FFI)

CCS-007 On Good Soil
CCS-008 New Testament
CCS-009 Old Testament
CCS-010 Moral Theology
CCS-011 Church History I
CCS-012 Church History II