Newman Theological College
Master of Divinity Program Outline

First year courses: BST 400, STD 400, STD 450, STP 400, STP 461 are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Note: Newman Theological College courses are offered on a TWO-year rotation. This means that not all courses outlined below are offered in each semester of each year. For further details of the specific course offerings for the academic year, please see our Course Offerings page. These Course Offerings sheets are also available for pick up in the foyer of Student Services on campus.

Online graduate courses are offered occasionally when the need presents. The M.Div., M.T.S. and M.Th. programs are not designed to be taken as Distance Education programs.

Please see the Course Offerings to view the courses being offered in the next term.

M.Div. Admission Requirements

M.Div. Required Reading List

The M.Div. degree is awarded upon the completion of 90 credit units distributed as follows: 22 core courses (66 credits), 4 elective courses (12 credits), field education (6 credits), the integrative seminar and the comprehensive exam (3 credits), and the theological synthesis (3 credits).

Core Courses


* Courses must be taken during the 1st year of the M.Div. program.

** Students who take BST 425 cannot take BST 421 and/or BST 422 for credit.

Foundational Theology

12 Credits

FTH 400  Early Church History
FTH 402  Christianity and World Religions
FTH 410  Medieval Church History
FTH 411  Modern Church History

Sacred Scriptures

15 Credits

BST 400* Introduction to Sacred Scripture and Their  Interpretation

Plus 4 of:

BST 421 Matthew and Mark**
BST 422 Luke-Acts**
BST 423 Pauline Literature
BST 424 Johannine Literature
BST 425 Synoptic Gospels
BST 433 The Pentateuch and Historical Books

Systematic Theology

21 Credits

STD 400* Introduction to Theology
STD 401 Theology of Revelation
STD 442 Baptism, Confirmation & Eucharist
STD 450* Christology
STD 451 Theology of God
STD 452 Theological Anthropology
STD 453 Ecclesiology

AND one of the following two courses:

STD 440 Liturgical Theology
STD 442 Introduction to the Sacraments and Christian Initiation

Moral, Pastoral, and Spiritual Theology

24 Credits

STP 400* Introduction to Pastoral Theology
STP 461*  Introduction to Moral Theology
STP 462   Introduction to Spiritual Theology
STP 463   Theology of Ministry
STP 464   Practice of Ministry
STP 470   Theological Field Education
STP 471   Social Teaching of the Church


12 credits

12 elective credits chosen from graduate level courses listed under the Foundational, Sacred Scriptures, Systematic, and Moral, Pastoral, and Spiritual Theology areas.

Integrative Seminar and Comprehensive Exam

3 credits
M.DIV. 900  M.Div. Integrative Seminar and Comprehensive Exam

Theological Synthesis

3 credits
M.DIV. 901  M.Div. Synthesis

The integrative seminar, theological synthesis and comprehensive examination are taken in the final year of the program.

THEO 020 Lay Formation Non-Credit

A process of spiritual, human and pastoral formation for all lay students. This process facilitates growth in human maturity, spiritual development, health and wellness, personal integrity and professional development. It recognizes the interrelatedness in light of theological education, human maturing, and the universal call to holiness. It will draw from Scripture, the rich spiritual traditions of the Church and from the social sciences.

Full-time and part-time lay students in the B.Th. and M.Div. programs are required to participate in Lay Formation for six semesters.