Newman Theological College
Graduate Diploma in Religious Education (G.D.R.E.)


Newman Theological College has revised the M.R.E. degree. As a consequence, the G.D.R.E. program is being phased out and we are no longer accepting students into this program. Current G.D.R.E. students will be transferred to the new M.R.E. program. All course work by current students that has been completed towards the G.D.R.E. will be applied to the M.R.E.

Students who already hold a G.D.R.E. from Newman Theological College can apply to the new M.R.E. program until 2015 and achieve that degree with the completion of 12 credits of supervised field education.

As a result of these changes the combined M.Div. /M.R.E. and the Certificate in Theological Studies (C.T.S.) programs are no longer offered.