Newman Theological College
Diploma of Theology Program (Dip.Th.)

The Diploma of Theology is a 60 credit undergraduate program in theology. It is intended to give students an understanding of the major areas in theology for personal interest, as a component in preparation for ministry, or in preparation for further study. The Dip.Th. program can be taken via a combination of on campus and online courses. The program can be taken fully online on a part-time basis over 4 years.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for the Diploma of Theology must have an Alberta High School Diploma (with English 30) or its equivalent. Applicants, 30 years of age or older, who do not have a high school diploma may also be admitted upon successful completion of English 30 or an acceptable equivalent. Screening interviews are held to determine the candidate’s aptitude for ministry.  At present we are not able to offer Distance Education courses to residents of the U.S.A., but we welcome inquiries from anyone so interested.

This program is not Designated and ineligible to receive foreign nationals on a study permit.

Procedure for Admission

  • Submit a completed Application Form and $45.00 non-refundable application fee (International Student Application Fee $250.00).
  • Arrange for official high school transcripts and transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended to be sent directly to the Registrar’s Office from the issuing educational authority.
  • Submit an autobiography and curriculum vitae*.
  • Letters of reference from three persons qualified to judge the applicant’s character and intellectual ability as well as aptitude for ministry.

*Guidelines available from the Office of the Registrar.

When all required documentation is received the applicant’s file will be reviewed by the Admissions & Evaluations Committee. Applicants conditionally admitted will have an interview with three members of the faculty during their first semester. The interview team is responsible for recommending that the conditional admission be changed to a full admission. The interviewers may also advise that admission to the program is not recommended.

Diploma Requirements

Dip.Th. Program Outline

The Dip.Th. is awarded upon completion of 60 credits including:

  • 45 core credits
  • 15 elective credits.

Students who enter the Dip.Th. with a C.Th. from Newman Theological College may transfer all credits received for the C.Th. program into the Dip.Th.

Full-time, part-time and distance lay students in the Dip.Th. program are required to participate in THEO 020 Lay Formation or Theo 020i Distance Lay Formation for 4 semesters.

Most undergraduate courses are offered in conjunction with graduate courses, and an appropriate difference in workload. In addition to the courses listed above, students who have been admitted to the Dip.Th. program may take certain courses for credit from the graduate course listing with the approval of their Faculty Advisor and the Academic Dean.

Transfer Credits

Students who enter the program having completed courses from the Certificate in Catholic Studies program will be granted advanced standing of 3 credits for each 6 unique C.C.S. courses towards their undergraduate studies at Newman Theological College to a maximum of 9 elective credits towards the Dip.Th. program. Students may transfer in a maximum total of 15 credits towards the Dip.Th. program including credits from other recognized colleges and universities. The transfer of credit is subject to the approval of the NTC Admissions and Evaluations Committee.

Please note: Students who have completed the C.Th. program at Newman Theological College are allowed to transfer all 30 credits into the Dip.Th. program. Any semesters of THEO 020 Lay Formation completed during the C.Th. program will be counted towards the mandatory 4 semesters of lay formation required for the Dip.Th.