Newman Theological College
Treasures of our Faith: Writings of the Church Fathers

Fall 2014

St John Chrysostom - Selected Homilies on the Gospel of John

Selected Homilies on the Gospel of John

  • Newman Theological College Campus
  • Mondays 12.10 - 1.00 PM (Sept 15 to Dec 01)
  • Host: Fr. Ayeni (c.s.sp)

Past seminars:

The Apostolic Fathers (Winter 2012)

Selected texts:

The Apologists (Intersession 2012)

Selected texts:

The Greek Fathers of the Third Century (Fall 2012)

Selected texts:








The Cappadocian Fathers (Winter and Intersession 2013)

Winter 2013:

Intersession 2013:

St Augustine of Hippo (Fall 2013, Winter and Intersession 2014 - S. Saulnier)

On Christian Doctrine